Blog Finder

Let Blog Finder find blogs to submit or post comments with your website links to get a free follow or nofollow link to your website. The Blog Finder in the SEO Software will search commentable blogs and will display a list of results found. From the result of blogs found, you can visit any blog by double clicking on the search record found and then submit your comment with your website link.

The Download SEO Software page has more applications of this SEO Software and a download link where you can download the software on your Windows Computer.

Find blogs to comment on with Blog Finder of the SEO Software

How to Find Blogs to Comment On

Given below steps outline how you can find blogs to comment on easily by using the SEO Software offered here. Feel free to explore other software features which can be really helpful in getting backlinks to your website. As the SEO Software is offered as a Desktop Application, it provides you the functionality of using shortcut key combinations to do varuious tasks in the SEO Software.

There are many other functionalities offered by this SEO Software. Information about other useful SEO functionalities such as Email finder, Backlink checker and much more are available at the SEO Software Home Page.