Link Verifier

This document presents a Link Verifier Software Utility. Now you can easily verify existence of your backlinks on various websites with a single click. Link verifier reads a text file with URLs and can be used to verify existence of the first link in the text file onto other URLs listed in the .txt file.

Have a look at the given below screenshot which displays Link Verifier's Main Screen. The Software presented here can be a really nifty and small tool for your SEO needs. Google Page Rank and Number of visitors depend on a lots of things out of which, the count and existence of backlinks is a really important factors.

Screenshot of Link Verifier

This small SEO Software will help you to verify existence of backlinks anytime on the press of a single click. Imagine verifying backlink of a given website onto 100 different URLs manually. Yeah it can be a really time consuming task and breaks the basic rule of Search Engine Optimisation (i.e. Minimum Efforts and Maximum Output).

Now with Link Verifier, the task of verifying backlinks onto any number of URLs is a matter of a single click. Just import the List of URLs from a text file and click on the Verify Now button. Once you click the Verify Now button, the software will start a single thread and will step by step verify existence of the backlink on every site listed in the text file.

The Link Verifier comes in with a sample text file. Once the installation is complete, launch Link verifier and click on the Verify Now button and notice how the Link Verifier will verify link on every URL listed below.

The Screenshot of Link Verifier above also displays how the Link verifier will confirm existence of the backlinks onto other sites. In the ScreenShot, the Link verifier is displayed to verify link of Google onto 5 other websites. Also notice that the backlink for Google Website was found only on 3 websites.

Download Link Verifier

Download Link verifier and try it for free now. The Trial version is limited in the number of times you can use the software only. There are no popups or reminders in the trial version of Link Verifier.

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